Why Ndi Imo Must Come Out In Mass For Rt. Hon .Ike. C. Ibe



Having seen the political degradation of governance in Imo State, one can say that Imo State needs to be liberated.The problem is not who becomes the Governor of the State but who can liberate the state from the hands of terrorist attackers and secrets enemies who pretends to be our good friends.

It is time to say no to career politicians and borrow a leaf from other State, where technocrats becomes Governors. The developmental strides in Anambra State is highly remarkable and should serve as a model to Imo State. Gov. Peter Obi giving credence and cognizance that the manifesto of independent Democrats is (ID) is sound and has the people at heart.

In Imo State we have no other person than Rt hon Ike C.Ibe, the only man who has equipt the hospitals in Imo worth over 12billion with out asking government assistant when others where busy building houses all over the world.he has helped and employed over 5,000. youths through his foundation and also made the headquarter to be here in Imo State giving credence to the fact that he knows where it pains Imolites.

Rt Hon Ike C Ibe who is from Amuzi in obowo Local government area of Imo State having decided to answer the call of millions of Imolites to contest for the seat of the Governor of Imo State, brings a lot of joy and happiness to our heart. This is because he is exactly the kind of leader our dear state needs at this critical juncture. Below are some of the reasons why I believe that Rt hon Ike C Ibe should be Imo State next Governor.

First, as a self-made man coming from a background in the private sector, he brings with him the ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions to the myriad of problems plaguing Imo state. His urge to produce measurable results, his private sector networks and connections and contacts can only go well for the enterprising citizens of our state. He brings in his integrity, innovative ideas, experience in job creation, and industrialization all to the people. He will create conducive conditions for more people to do business, enforce existing laws, and increase our internally generated revenue through his vast ideas. With the constant changes in technologies, processes and new strategies, we need a leader who can lead with foresight and can adapt to the constant changes life brings.

Rt.Ho.Ike.C.Ibe has pedigrees as an international lawyer and proven genuine philanthropist with several records of coperate social responsibilities and possessing personal experiences to shift the political and socio-economic paradigm needed to give Imolites the desired satisfaction. As our people say “ana eji anya mara oka kara aka” It would be too naive to pretend that Ike.Ibe do not possess the proven passion, integrity and resources which are deepening factors in the present circumstances as the adage says “once beaten twice shy” – onye ukwa dagburu nna ya anaghi eji isi ehedi bolu.

Another reason why Rt hon Ike C Ibe deserves the number one job for the state is that his name has not been tainted or in any way linked with corruption. With the high incidence of corruption in the political landscape of Imo State and Nigeria at large.a man who is known to keep to the straight path is exactly the leader we need. Ike C. Ibe does not condone, forgive or make any excuses for the corrupt. He only wants to get the job done and gives equal opportunity to all. During his administration as speaker , he has developed some tried-and-true techniques and methods that check corruption, punish theft, encourage productivity, promote/hire the best hands for the job and keep hypocrites/praise singers at a distance.

As an experienced international lawyer, Chief Ike C.Ibe will bring back our stolen properties and money from the present government create jobs for the multitude of unemployed youths in the state. As a former IMO state house of assembly speaker IKe brought accreditation to different institutions in the state then with his office. aside from the state government, he has a proven track record in his past admistrative years and does not have to make unsubstantiated promises just to win elections.

The Imo liberation movement is focusing on job creation through Agriculture, light industies and tourism as the major economic pillars. Security, ease of doing business, education, healthcare, power supply will serve as the economic enablers. This will be backed up by an intiative known as Imo green book Project. It is a project designed by Rt Hon, Ike C Ibe as about 12 years ago aimed at patronizing local products made by communities and imo citizens.

He is a perfect gentle man as described by many, a man of few words and condor . He has the ethical and moral profile to serve Imo State.

Rt.Hon.Ike C.Ibe is a man who is not given to drug and alcohol abuse.we do not demand for a saint but we must demand for that person that lives a life of moderation and self discipline.

We need a humble person with a modest life style. Modesty and humility are great virtues required for true leadership.Any one who lack them can never provide good leadership.A person that goes around in a long convoy of vehicles with sirens blaring police patrols in front a dub back when he is yet to be a governor will start flying in private jet when you elect him as a governor.

It is time we advocate for technocrats to take over the affairs of the state. Power must have a base, it is either it is in the hands of the political elites or in the hands of the people. The politics of the political elites must be distrupted and a new one be created by the people.

Imolites cannot afford to risk another experiment. With due respect to other candidates, we’ll ask questions and want answers of who your class mates are, how you started your family background did you know what it takes to be feeding ones a day.

Let us therefore not deceive ourselves that any other feasible political platform exists outside independent Democrats (ID). Nobody can therefore underestimate the influence of (ID)and the people in the emerging trend of politics in Igboland. Certainly,ID is the only movement that can extract massive and unalloyed support and voting come 2019.

Independent Democrats (ID) is poised to win this election and defend her votes and by the grace of God we will win both in house of Assembly and House representative, thus we will recreate the old imo that was once the envy of others.

IMO must be liberat

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