Sen. Chijikem React As Nsukka Youth Protest Over The 2nd Term Bid Of Patrick Omeje

Sen Chijinkem Ugwuanyi Write From Enugu:

Read Below:

Why protesting against Patrick Omeje

This is just the hand work of 5th columnists…..

Yesterday protest was long over due but it came late…. Why now?

Yes Hon. Patrick Kenechukwu OMEJE did not perform but you all kept mute till now he secured 70% chances of going back to finish his second tenure……

He banned #Okada that affected The Poor Masses none of you who protested yesterday came out to protest because nobody could pay you to come out and protest.

There has been series of killing in Nsukka LOCAL Government going on for the past two years none of you came out to protest……

Now you and your Stake Holders took him to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi few weeks back and in his presence the Governor blamed him for Poor performance and asked you people if you still want him back and you all said yes and the Governor asked him to apologize and he did it in your presence…… And the Ticket1 was given to him…..

#PatrickOmeje will not lose this seat as the #PDP flag bearer, except a last minute decision but his chances is of winning is 70% ahead of other contestants. It’s very Simple…..

Patrick Kenechukwu Omeje. If am to decide he won’t go back but I don’t have option and I can’t go against him by people using the poor masses to protest….

#Protesting and #Demonstration is fast becoming a profession. That’s the reason many of you came out to protest yesterday because money is involved……

Ask any of them why are they Protesting yesterday none will give you one simple and good answer….

If you don’t want #PatrickOmeje tell your #Stake #Holders who endorsed him to lead next protest next time starting from your #Senators, #Commissioners, The #Igwes, The party #Chairmen and party leaders, Your town union Leaders, The #Market Leaders from your local government let them lead you to Government House Enugu and protest directly to Gburugburu that one will be the best and believe it or not the Governor will listen.

Finally Enugu State is a #Traditional #PDP state whatever they go up there and discuss with the #Governor is law and binding you don’t go against…..

This is an eye opener, most of you should go and test your popularity in other party if eventually #Patrick clinches this upcoming primary election ticket.

Stop hiding under Pdp EnuguState to become a lazy Politician….. Go and form your own #Structure and #Numbers to win election anytime any day….. If you don’t have both Structure and Numbers then test your #Popularity…..

I wish you good luck as you go out for more protest today and prepare for upcoming election from 15th January to 22nd January…

WE KEEP Moving


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