Sen Ayogu Eze Promised To Run A Working Government As Enugu Indigenes In Lagos Hosts Him

Your desire to get a government that will work for Enugu People will never be in vain- Senator Ayogu Eze as he addresses Enugu State indigenes in Lagos

Enugu indigenes resident in Lagos State yester

day, 23rd December, 2018 hosted Senator Ayogu Eze, the APC standard bearer for Enugu State governorship election in next year’s election.

The two time senator was in the commercial city to parlay with his people used the opportunIty to enjoined the people to vote for “the broom” stating that “with the broom, we will vote for our president, vote for our governor and vote for our house of assembly members.

Speaking about his plans for the state on infrastructure and human development, Senator Eze said;
“I want to assure you one thing; that in six months time, after we have taken office, you will not be able to recognize your state again.
“I have promised you and I am very committed to it that within the first of one year, there would be water in every tap in Enugu State.

“I will work with all of you to make sure every ward is delivered. I will work with all of you to make sure our place is developed. We will build roads for our people, and develop our health sector.

“Right now if you go to Enugu state, no health facility is working, not one. I give you an example, somebody was short on the head, they took him to the highest of hospital in Enugu State which is Parklane hospital; a teaching hospital. They did not have ordinary bandage.

“Those of you from Nkanu west will know that there was a traditional ruler in Akpugo who was beaten by members of his community. They took him to Parklane hospital, they couldn’t attend to him. There was no stretcher to carry him so that they can give him attention. The man died. Enough of these deaths of our people.

“We are going to provide Maternity facilities for our women. We are going to provide food on the table for our people.

“There is enough resources in Enugu state to provide those facilities. If anybody tells you that there is no money in Enugu, he is lying to you. There is enough resources in Enugu state and we are going to use it to work for our people. I want to thank all of you that have gathered here together for what you are doing.

“We want to make sure that from next year, all our pensioners that are dying without being paid will be paid their money.

“I want to tell you that we are going to create employment for our people.”

“We are going to provide a lot of facilities and amenities for our people and especially, we are going to make sure that everybody of school age must go to school, because we know, what you earn is related to what you learn. If you learn, you earn. Your ability to learn also affects your ability to earn.

“Whether you are a businessman or you are working for the government, if you are educated in what you are doing, you will earn more and be more useful to society.

“In fact, one of the things we want to do in Education is to make sure we empower our people in all sectors; especially in technical colleges, tertiary education and vocational education.
“We will empower our people to be able to use their hands to do things for themselves and be able to depend upon themselves.”

The APC candidate who couldn’t hide his Joy for the show of solidarity assured his hosts that he will not disappoint them and promised to run a very transparent government.

” I want to let you know that this effort you have made today; you are not travelling to go and enjoy with your brothers, sisters, friends and well-wishers, but you are working to make sure you put an accountable government in Enugu state; I will not let you down.

“There will be a new development of leadership of accountability. Leadership that will be answerable to the people.

“Every year, we must audit and publish the accounts of the state for everybody to see.”

Answering the question about what he did when he was a senator, ge saud “I did quite a lot in the area of empowering our people, giving them federal jobs and creating opportunities for so many.
“In fact, since the beginning of representation of our state, not a single person in the state has done what I have done.  
“I brought a radio station that is broadcasting even in local dialects today-  Voice fm in Nsukka.  
“I brought two NTA stations that are under construction – one in Nsukka and one in Udi. “I brought Digital Bridge Institute that is empowering our people with ICT skills cited in Enugu and so many other things.  
“So If I did all these when I was not controlling any budget, you will be able to imagine what I will do when we take over the governance of our state.

“We also attracted a number of roads for our people, but unfortunately the Government did not implement those roads.
“Now when I control the budget I will build these roads and open up our areas and lift our place to a higher standard, thus I want to assure you as I promised that I will not disappoint you.”

Answering a question about herdsmen attack, Senator Ayogu said “that problem is being tackled by the federal government; by ensuring that they encourage the people who are doing this business to create ranches. To put their animals in their places so that they don’t wander about.

“The governors especially our own did not protect our people when the attacks came. They gave them information about two months before that attack happened in Nimbo, but they did nothing until that attack happened.
“They did not tell the commissioner of police. When we get such information, we will contact the IG of police, and all the security agencies to make sure our people are not attacked.”

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