Okezie Ikpeazu Goes On Photo Jambori And Slaying Amidst Owing Workers And Pensioners(Photos)

Has Abia State Government House Been Turned To A Photo Studio For a slay Papa?

When I saw this picture as released by chief press Secretary to the governor of Abia State,I immediately remembered when I was in University of Nigeria Nsukka.I was meant to pay my house rent but was not able to pay because of bank wahala..

My then Landlady of the blessed memory told me that I can’t be owing her house rent and still be getting fat.She said,is either I intentionally do not want to pay or I am mocking her.

The same thing is applicable to this picture. The man whose picture appeared below is the executive governor of Abia State.

He is owing Pensioners about 15 months of pension arrears.He is owing Abia State secondary school teachers about 8 months salary arrears.Abia State polytechnic workers have not seen anything called salary since ending of last year.Abia state college of Education technical Arochuckwu last got their salary about 16 months ago.Abia state broadcasting corporation shut down the state’s radio station in protest for their about 13 months unpaid salary arrears.

Among all these hardship inflicted on these workers and retirees ,the governor is unperturbed. Instead he went on photo jamboree to mock the dead and dying workers and pensioners .

I have constantly told Abians that their governor do not have their interest at heart.

Pray,which good leader would go snapping spree and laughing out loud when his subjects are in perpetual agony?

Pray,which leader would go on photo jamboree when the entire Aba ,the economic hub of the state have been submerged notwithstanding the billions of naira the governor claimed to have invested in Aba?

Is true that the governor just saw himself in government house Umuahia without any preparation and as such found the environment sexy unlike the usual Enugu state university of science and Technology dilapidated class rooms and ASEPA working environment that he is used to and then decides to snap pictures and display his million dollar suit,shoe and watch ,he should be reminded that the government house is a place to take serious decisions about governance and should not be allowed to convert the seat of authority to a photo studio.

Finally,the governor should remember the dying workers and pensioners who need their money to eat,buy ordinary paracetamol and not necessarily to put on a costly blue suit,designers Hublot watch and costly shoe.

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Source: Ihedigbo Mbaukwu


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