Miss Justina Cries Out As Enugu Boys Moves Around Town Sexually and Physically Abusing Girls During Shows/Concert

Miss Justina Cries Out As Enugu Boys Moves Around Town Sexually and Physically Abusing Girls During Shows/Concert

She Reported This On Facebook Today After The Flavours Concert Came To An End.

Read Her Statement Below:

I was at Phyno Fest last November as a Superfan and even though the show was electrifying, I went back sad and immediately I entered my room in the hotel, I broke down. I cried for a very long time until I was able to put my self together and go to bed.

Right in my presence at the concert, more than three girls were abused sexually and physically. The security guys rescued and brought them to the backstage. There’s one girl whose face I still remember clearly. She was screaming. A group of boys had fingered her and were going to descend into proper rape before she was rescued. It was a terrible sight.

Phyno pleaded. He couldn’t understand why people from his hood would choose to embarrass him like that. It was a madhouse. At a point, he cried. I remember one of the MTV base presenters that nearly screamed her nostrils out while describing the craze she had just witnessed in the bus.

Why am I just talking about this? Flavour’s concert was held only yesterday and the same foolishness was displayed. Girls were brutalized and abused in different ways.

Can’t we see there is a problem? There are too many badly trained boys roaming the streets. Too too many. Many do not know what they should and should not be doing. I’m almost sure the majority can be found roaming the street corners of the South Eastern parts of this country. What the hell is happening? Does this mean girls can no longer attend shows and go home in peace?

Some weeks back, I had this discussion with some male senior colleagues at work. They said the solution was for girls to quit attending shows. Of course, I disagreed with them. How do we ask a gender to stop living because another gender cannot employ self-control? Even though I kind of understood their sentiments but I refused to share it.

We can do better. Boys are neither dogs nor goats. Honestly speaking, when I see a badly behaved boy child, a kind of anger and hatred for his parents build up within me. We are not doing enough. Girls are at risk. How much longer before we realize this and begin to instill the right teachings into our boys?

Dear average Igbo boy, I hate to say this but you need help. I’m sure you do. You have been raised badly. Women are not subject to you, your desires, authority, attitude and whatever else you have been told. Women are humans just like you and you should learn to respect them and their bodies. Walk away.

Stop touching people’s daughters without their permissions. Keep your hands to yourselves.

I hope the devil punishes each and every boy that abused every girl at Phyno’s and Flavour’s concert.

May poverty and pain pursue them forever and may they die slow, horrible deaths.

I don’t even know why they still organize free concerts in this country. We forget too quickly. This country breeds a special kind of mad people. There should be no more free shows, especially in the south East. If you cannot afford to pay heavily to watch your favorite artists perform, sit your ass down and wait for the clips that’ll be uploaded later on social media or not.

Respect yourselves.

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