School days should be a happy time in a young person’s life.

It is not news in every academic environment that students pass through a lot of stress in school,but the rate of difficulty and stress that students of IMT Enugu are lamenting over is very alarming.

Many factors has been highlighted by some students to be the major reasons or causes of this stress they pass through on daily basis.

Speaking with Master Ugwu Benjamin, a final year student of Marketing Department,he noted that the analogue method of which they change teller to receipt in school is very stressful, that students que for 3to4 hours under the sun waiting to change teller to receipt, after staying for hours and successfully changing the teller to receipt, you go back to your department only to find out that lecture has ended,making you miss a day lecture which is one of the implication of the analogue method of payment, apart from that,

we queue for everything, like to get reg number, to pay school fees,any payment at all you want to make you must queue,the effect it has on students is very bad that it can make you carry over a course,because the time you should use for reading is being used to run around the school,and directly or indirectly,it affects the institution as a whole.

I only try to adapt to the situation by waking up as early as 4am and be in school by 5am just to be the first set of people that will be attended to,which is not good for my health as a students.

When asked about his suggestions on what should be done to stop those stress, he said that we’re in the 21st century, that everything should be digitalized, that the school management should make everything online in a way that one can pay school fees in the bank, register it online, print out his/her receipt, there will be no need of coming to school to meet someone, it can be done anywhere, even in your house with your system.

And on the examination day,your reference number should be checked on their data base to confirm if its genuine.

Speaking with Miss Nnamchi Elizabeth,a first year student of Mass Communication Department,she said, the stress one pass through in IMT is something else,in our department, we are more than one thousand students, the chairs in the department does not contain the students,making a lot of students stand while receiving lectures,one come to school everyday without learning anything because the crowd is just much and the noise students make will not allow you hear the lecturer,and many lecturers are always less concerned, they come into a class that is very noisy and teach without calming the students down,the class room is always suffocated, the learning environment is not conducive at all,they give massive admission without putting into consideration the size of the classroom, we fight to enter the classroom ,apart from this,we que for a very long time under the hot sun to make any payment,this school is just so tough,no wonder the students renamed it to “INSTITUTE OF MILITARY TRAINING.

I go home everyday yelling at my families because of this stress,the time for reading is always used to rest,and this affects the students performance, the time for receiving lectures will be used for queueing and running around the school,the school management should look into this,the government should pls come to our aid because the situation is becoming unbearable.

By Ogoo Beke From 042report

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