Ike Ekweremmadu Is The Best Nigerian Senator, 21 Reasons to Note

*Meet Ekweremadu, Nigerian Best Senator*

1. Ekweremadu is a lawyer

2. Ekweremadu is a Professor

3. Ekweremadu is a former LG Chairman

4. Ekweremadu is a former chief of Staff

5. Ekweremadu is a former Secretary, State Govt.

6. Ekweremadu is former Deputy speaker Ecowas

7. Ekweremadu is former Speaker Ecowas

8. Ekweremadu is the Deputy Senate President

9. Ekweremadu has15years legislative experience

10. Ekweremadu has10years Executive Experience

11. Ekweremadu has remained in PDP since 1998

12. Ekweremadu is an advocate of restructuring

13. Ekweremadu has gathered a lot experience in constitution-making

14. Ekweremadu is a loyal deputy, served under two Senate President without rancour

15. Ekweremadu headed the PDP post- election review panel that revived the party

16. Ekweremadu is the first opposition Deputy Senate President since 1999

17. Ekweremadu is the first Senator in Nigerian politics to be Professor while in service

18. Ekweremadu is humble, hardworking, intelligent and a loyal party man with good heart

19. Ekweremadu is christian, a responsible husband that love his family

20. Ekweremadu’s foundation (Ikeoha Foundation) is giving scholaship and helping the poor

(21) A great Father and husband…

I have respect for this man because he is a brilliant Senator

I have repect for this man because he believe in rule of law

I have value and respect for this man because he is serving humanity

It is time to stop witch-hunting our best brain in this country in the name of politics

It is time to stop accusing people to stain their names and score cheap political point

It is time to appreciate men and women who have contributed to our economy and political system

It is time to reward, that time is now

Let us Atikulate and Ekweremadise Nigeria 2019


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  1. Enugu state is truly working in d hands of our Leaders.God bless PDP,God bless Enugu state,God bless Nigeria.

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