Bursted: Chief Mike Ejeagha Reveals Reason Why He is Poor(Video)


Following series of valid questions after my last post on Mike Ejeagha as to why a living Legend like him who started recording album as early as 1950s could be poor even when he ought to be receiving royalties from his music, I, Charles Ogbu and the performance Poet Amarachi Atama went back to get more facts. By the way, Amarachi is the lady who has been on the Ejeagha case since the last 3 years and enjoys a father and daughter rapport with the Folklorist. She, it was, who brought me on board.

The video below is the result of our digging.

For those who don’t understand Igbo language, permit me to interpret the video:

“All of you that were sending me money, I received all your messages. May God bless you all. But please, at the root of my present condition is the fact that since 2006 (12 years ago) I have not received a penny as royalty for my songs. All of my music you download from Internet and the ones you buy from the market. It is the company managing my music that is eating the money and still dragging me from one court to another to the point that I fell on the road twice in the course of the case. This is why I am poor. This is why I feel like dying. Please, I need your help on that”

In the interest of fair hearing, I reached out to the Managing Director of the company managing Ejeagha’s music and he did confirm that indeed, they sued the 88 year old Master story teller and stopped paying him royalties since 2006 over alleged violation of the contract he had with them.

I have in my possession all the documents both the main contract and court papers related to this case. The next court date is on the 27th of this month.

As I type this, the whole documents for the Ejeagha case have been submitted to the Governor of Enugu state, his Excellency, Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who has promised to act on them after his team of lawyers must have studied them and advised him accordingly. Recall that the Governor had earlier visited the Ejeagha family where he gave him some money, promised to be responsible for their monthly upkeep, gave automatic employment to Ejeagha’s daughter and her husband which has already come into effect, took over the medical bill of the Ejeaghas with a promise to tar the tract road leading to his (Ejeagha’s) house.

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This is the latest for now. We will be updating you guys from time to time.

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