​042 Exercise party at Okpara square Enugu Saturdays

042 Exercise party at Okpara square Enugu Saturdays

By OnwaMgbowo.
We do exercise every day but on Saturdays it is a party sort of because people from all over the coal city converge to exercise and do all sorts of aerobics to keep fit. 
Traders are not left out because those who sell sports wears and those who sell cold water and minerals and fruits also do brisk businesses on such Saturdays.

Today , we had the party and it was so interesting and fun all the way.
Exercise is alternative to UNTH and or Parklane hospitals and indeed other health Institutions. 
Why don’t you join the party next weekend in case you are one of those who give excuse that those men who go there go to look at hips of ladies as if to say that there are places you will go without seeing ladies or that there are some places  ladies go without their hips including churches, market places, banks etc.
Or that ladies go to look for dates and husbands as if to say that it is a crime to get a date or husband at Okpara square and which is not even true. The truth is that in every human organization, human being which are naturally sociable tend to interact with each other but the major aim of okpara square is health through exercise.
Change your world view of Okpara square which has suffered  a great stereotype . 

Health is more important than stereotype of any type whatsoever  please. See you next Saturday.

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